My fascination with industrial objects goes back to my childhood when I spent my free time with my dad in a workshop.

The setting of "Star Wars" seemed really poor to me then, in comparison to what was hidden in the workshop, and Han Solo did not even hold a candle up to my dad.

I watched as rusted junk turned into beautiful, unique objects. While working, my dad used to tell me colourful stories about each of these items, thanks to which he instilled in me the passion for things from the so-called past.

In every rusted thing I see the story of this first, and then I see through the eyes of my imagination, what it will look like when it leaves my workshop.

It so happened that the child's fascination became a passion in adult life, which resulted in the creation of my own workshop in which I restore the second youth to industrial objects, mainly lamps.

I often proudly display the original seals on the lampshades, as a testimony to a past era. My lamps certainly have a soul and each of them is unique.

We live together in a symbiosis in a small workshop where almost the whole process is done by hand.

I hope that you will also see in my subjects the art of the best genre and a piece of history.

Radosław Nakonowski PRACOWNIA A-23