The oldest hard coal mine on Ziemia Rybnicka. Representative buildings for objects related to the mining industry from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
The "Ignacy" mine was founded in 1792 on the initiative of Karl von Hoym, the Prussian minister of the Silesian province.
Until 1871 and in the years 1922-1936 and 1939-1945, the mine was called "Hoym", in 1871-1922 "Hoym-Laura". From September 4, 1936, Ignacy in honor of the President of Poland, Ignacy Mościcki. From 1968, it operated as the Ignacy Coal Mine Rydułtowy.
Exhaustion of coal seams caused the "Ignacy" coal mine to the neighboring mine KWK "Rydułtowy" in 1968 in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Mining and Energy. During this period, mainly tunnels were rebuilt, old windshields were crammed and extraction units were reduced. The end of the '90s began the process of demolishing buildings, among others "Marian" shaft. In 1995 the last coal truck was excavated. Fortunately, thanks to the enthusiasm of the enthusiasts, the plant was saved from annihilation and from 1999 it functions as a Historic Mine. Some of the buildings are not yet developed.