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The workshop Lampa LOFT was created out of passion and love for the industrial style. Unique lamps from the times of the Polish People's Republic.

You can buy original lamps and industrial items with a soul.
Radosław Nakonowski Lampa LOFT

Restored industrial lamps, loft, bauhaus, vintage, wabi sabi, space age.

Industrial lamps from closed factories

In each rusty industrial lamp I see its history first, and then through the eyes of my imagination what it will look like when it leaves my studio.
I am restoring a second youth to loft lamps. I often proudly display the original seals on the lampshades as a testimony of a bygone era. My industrial lamps certainly have a soul and each of them is unique. We live in symbiosis with each other in a small workshop where almost the entire process is done by hand. I hope that you will also see in my industrial lamps applied art of the best kind and a piece of history.
I have restored several thousand loft lamps, which resulted in the 10 years of the workshop's operation with orders from large institutions such as museums. Including The Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk or the Norblin Factory Museum in Warsaw.
For the renovation of lamps, I use the highest quality certified components of Polish production.
We are not a typical online store. There is no basket here. I like telephone and e-mail contact with clients because it allows me to advise whether a given industrial lamp will fit into the interior. Thanks to this, there are no missed orders with us.